Noldus is proud to provide the Data Centre of Croton Media, Shanghai, China with the analysis tools they need. With FaceReader, Croton Media aims to analyze the viewers emotions. FaceReader is capable to capture facial expressions automatically. The Data Centre will make the trailer of a film/TV series for companies.
Sapporo breweries, Tokyo, Japan recently selected FaceReader™ for their consumer insight studies. FaceReader is the advanced software for automatic emotional analysis. Respondents’ facial reactions to a certain beer captured by FaceReader provide the brewery with new insights into consumer appreciation.
Dr. Richard Lilley from Tracksys Ltd, the Noldus distributor in the UK, demonstrated to the attendees of Measuring Behavior 2016 the wireless integration features of The Observer XT using SMI’s Eye Tracking Glasses 2 Wireless. The jury awarded this showcase with the first prize because of its high market potential and widespread usefulness!


Learn about people by observing them

Watching people, seeing their behaviors, looking at their performance, is interesting for many reasons. It’s fun, but it is also very revealing.

Video tracking for high-throughput screening of plant resistance to thrips

Manus Thoen and his colleagues developed a new, very promising, method to screen plants for thrips resistance.

What emotions does an author inject into a book?

What should the future of eBooks look like? This question has been posed by researchers from Amsterdam.

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The new version of our user-friendly software suite for audio and video recording, debriefing, and playback now includes the add-on User Management Module. It supplies each user with up-to-date information about invited sessions, recorded sessions, and much more. Privacy is ensured! Take a look at the ‘what's new page’ to learn more.

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The new MediaRecorder is now available! It is easy to use, provides accurate synchronization, high quality recordings at HD in MP4 format, and it is now possible to capture the full computer screen on which Media Recorder is installed! Read more on the product pages.

Human behavior | Animal behavior


FaceReader™ facial expression analysis software now incorporates the new Deep Face Model: analyzing expressions has improved enormously! FaceReader is now able to analyze expressions under more challenging circumstances, for example when part of the face is hidden. Check out FaceReader 7!

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Association for Consumer Research North American Conference ACR 2016

We are happy to be back at the ACR conference. This time not in the USA but in Germany. Let's enjoy the beautiful city of Berlin together. In our booth, we will demontrate the latest techniques for measuring consumer behavior.

Neuroscience 2016 SfN

This November, it is time for the 46th(!) annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in San Diego, California, otherwise known as Neuroscience 2016. We are excited to go and we be exhibiting our products in booth 1029.

SfN 2016 Satellite symposium

We are proud to sponsor this year’s satellite symposium during the Society for Neuroscience’s annual meeting in November in San Diego, California. This year’s symposium will be on locomotion analysis methods.

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Automatically and non-invasively investigate motor learning and performance in mice with ErasmusLadder. It is especially interesting for researchers that study the cerebellum, cerebellar disorders, and ataxia (e.g. Parkinson’s models). In addition is has been proven useful in mouse models of autism.

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Boeing AH-64 D/E Apache simulator systems integration

For the second time, Boeing and Noldus have partnered to work on the integration, testing, and validation of a simulator system in order to test effects of new and innovative Boeing developments on workload and impact on pilot behavior. During this project, the Noldus solution was integrated with the high-fidelity Apache AH D/E simulator system at Boeing.

Insights into consumer choice behavior

Noldus delivers detailed insights into consumer choice behavior. By leveraging our experienced consultants, Noldus presents our partners with powerful means to understanding the journey through the “Moments of Truth”: the key points where customers make the decision of what to purchase.

Simulation in healthcare

A simulated operating room provides a secure environment for training and evaluation: new protocols or high-tech tools can be tested, different scenarios can be simulated, and group dynamics can be studied in great detail.

Morris water maze

A popular test for spatial learning and memory is the Morris water maze. Noldus offers you the perfect tools for this test.