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The ErasmusLadder is a system to study motor performance and motor learning in mice. It is especially interesting for researchers that study the cerebellum, cerebellar disorders, and ataxia (e.g. Parkinson’s models). In addition is has been proven useful in mouse models of autism. Already validated in research, now available for all labs!



Zebrafish are still gaining popularity as lab animals - embryos, larvae, and adults. At Noldus we have a wide range of tools for all kinds of behavioral tests for these striped little fish. From software to measure activity, heartbeat, and flow in embryos and larvae, to video tracking the movement of adults in several learning, anxiety, or social behavior paradigms. 

Zebrafish research

1000 PhenoTypers

A thousand PhenoTypers have found their way into laboratories all over the world! That's worth celebrating, so Noldus handed out unique mini PhenoTyper candy jars with custom chocolate candy to some of the researchers that were instrumental in the development and validation of PhenoTyper. 

PhenoTyper 1000 candy jar

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