Human Behavior
EthoVision XT
Video tracking software for automated behavioral research
Video analysis of zebrafish embryo and larvae parameters
Complete solutions for high throughput zebrafish larvae tracking
The Observer XT
Behavioral coding and analysis software
CatWalk XT
Complete solution for advanced gait analysis
Instrumented cage for uninterrupted behavioral testing
media recorderMedia Recorder
Software for synchronous recording of video
Automated Tube TestAutomated Tube Test
Complete system to investigate social dominance and social hierarchies
Coy MCSCoy MCS - Mechanical Conflict-Avoidance System
The MCS provides an operant method of pain testing with rodents
Software to unravel the time structure of behavior
mazes and open fieldsMazes and open fields
Complement software with lab equipment
Other equipmentEvent logging interface, Keyboards, Computer, video and DAQ systems, Noldus USB-IO Box