Mazes and open fields

We offer a wide range of mazes and other testing arenas for most commonly used behavioral tests. For rodents, the range consists of:

For zebrafish we offer the multifunctional Cross maze

Custom mazes

All mazes and open fields are available in multiple sizes and are perfectly suited for usage with our software products. If you cannot find the maze or open field suited to your research, we are happy to customize one of our many mazes for you. See some examples on this page.

Preferred suppliers

We deliver a wide range of mazes, either custom built or from one of our suppliers. Our preferred suppliers for mazes are Maze Engineers and Ugo Basile

Infrared backlight

NIR backlights specifically are useful to improve contrast for video tracking experiments. We offer a range of standard and custom NIR backlighting options.

Additional products

To connect any automated parts to your computer and control them from within EthoVision XT, use the Trial & Hardware Control Module, the Noldus USB IO box, and for Med Associate devices, the TTL to 28 Volt converter.