Zebrafish larvae activity monitoring

Zebrafish are often used in the development of new transgenic and knockout models, drug discovery, behavioral pharmacology, and safety pharmacology. Having many advantages over rodent models, such as fast reproduction and ease of genetic manipulation, zebrafish also share many genes with humans and model human biology closely. 

Because zebrafish larvae readily absorb compounds from the surrounding water, they are often used to determine the effects of certain drugs or other substances. Monitoring their activity and movement patterns can reveal, for example, stereotyped epileptic behaviors and circadian rhythmicity. Their small size makes them suitable for high-throughput testing in multi-well plates.

Here are some examples of research areas that use the DanioVision Observation Chamber as a controlled environment for the testing of zebrafish larvae. 


Zebrafish embryos and larvae are a common model for toxicology research today. DanioVision is a great tool for the screening of larvae activity in multi-well plates. Click here to read about toxicology research using DanioVision.  

Parkinson’s research

As one of the major neurodegenerative diseases, Parkinson’s disease (PD) is under a lot of investigation. DanioVision is perfect for studies on zebrafish larvae with gene mutations or knockdown models. Read more about PD studies using DanioVision here

The free case study from Willemsen and Van der Linde (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands) can be downloaded here

Circadian rhythmicity

Fruit flies and mice have been the traditional models for studying the mechanisms of circadian rhythmicity. But the advantages of using zebrafish make them popular model organisms amongst chronobiologists nowadays. Read about studies using DanioVision here.

All you need

The DanioVision Observation Chamber offers you a complete testing environment, containing all the necessary hardware on the inside and keeping everything else out. You have complete control over the experimental conditions that your subjects are exposed to. The innovative design guarantees a reliable image for tracking each individual.

DanioVision is also suitable for use with other very small organisms, such as insects and insect larvae. For examples, see this blog post about research on bug repellents using mosquito larvae. 


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