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Neuroscience 2015 – Baby steps

Monday, 19 October, 2015

Sunday, October 18th - After helping out my colleagues set up the booth on Saturday, Sunday was my first ‘actual’ SfN day. As a first-timer, I tried to prepare for Neuroscience 2015, but quickly found that you really cannot. It is overwhelming – in a good way. It is like a playground for scientists and anyone interested in what goes on in the brain. And even though there are enough people here to fill a city, it feels like a welcoming community.

Spending the energy

There is so much going on, that it’s hard to decide what booth to see, which lecture to go to, or which poster to visit.One thing I am not used to is poster boards changing contents. I found out the hard way and missed one, but luckily there is so much to see that you cannot really miss out. For example the study from the NIDDK/NIH in Bethesda called Energetic cost of a running wheel: Implications for exercise-based weight loss interventions. I immediately recognized the EthoVision XT tracks and the PhenoTyper cage on the poster, and Timothy O’Neal kindly (and very enthusiastically) told me about the study. Thanks Timothy!

When I came across this poster, I was just thinking about how all that walking around would be enough to replace my regular exercise routine, which was funny, as results for that particular study suggest that an increase in physical activity might not be enough to lose weight. Mice that increase their running wheel activity over days, did not significantly change their food intake or energy expenditure. I am still pretty sure I am burning off those calories from all the delicious Chicago food.

Posters and posting

I think the posters might actually be my favorite part of Neuroscience 2015, at least up till now. I am planning on spending some more hours roaming those aisles, hoping to find some cool studies to blog about, or – even better! – find guest bloggers. One of my goals here actually is to find researchers that are willing to tell us about their behavioral research, in posts or white papers. Because who can tell it better than the actual researcher?

(By the way, if you are interested in writing something on our blog post, please let us know! Leave a comment or come and visit us in booth #653 this Neuroscience.)

What stood out

While I was out and about today, my colleagues talked to a lot of you in our booth. I asked them what stood out to them this first exhibition day.

neuroscience 2015

See you today!