neuroscience 2015 chicago

Neuroscience 2015 – looking back

Thursday, 29 October, 2015

About a week ago I was on a plane flying back from Chicago to Amsterdam. I was exhausted, but very pleased with my experiences at my first Neuroscience meeting. I started out taking baby steps on my first day, but soon I was running a marathon (well, sort of). By Tuesday I really started feeling ‘at home’ and finally it even felt a bit sad to break down the booth and put everything back into the big crates for next year’s show. 


It is hard to say what I liked best. I really enjoyed spending time with my American colleagues, it is just not the same as talking through Skype and email. I loved hearing researchers tell me about their work and meeting other companies whose products are often combined with ours in research. And I really liked the windy city.

Innovative research applications

A couple of applications stood out to me, and I think I will be writing a lot about it in the upcoming months. First example is - of course - imaging neuronal activity in freely moving mice, which was the subject of our satellite symposium on Monday. Read about the different studies presented in this blog post, or more about the research of Jennings et al. from the Stuber Lab in this blog post or their paper.  And there are more labs combining video tracking technology with live brain imaging, so you will definitely read more about this on this blog in the near future.

Another example is using pressure sensors in combination with video tracking technology. I have discussed it with several people, and Maria Isabel Carreno presented her applications (and very nice results!) in her poster on Tuesday. Detecting pressure differences allows for the discrimination between sleep and rest, it even allows for heartbeat and breathing detection. I think this might just show up in a lot of future research.

Stay tuned

I learned so much and spoke to many people, so I will definitely be posting more about the research I encountered at Neuroscience 2015. So stay tuned! In the meantime, you can read about my experiences here.