Service contracts

Whether you purchase an individual piece of software or a complete system, it is essential that you can confidently rely on comprehensive support. That is why we provide different service contract options that guarantee technical support services throughout the lifetime of our products. We help you get the best out of your behavioral research!

 Choose the contract that suits you:


Why a service contract from noldus?

Noldus offers you even greater value and reassurance by providing 3 high level service contract options. Starting with our Basic contract, you are guaranteed comprehensive support via email or phone, and easy access to updates of your software. Need more? Our Plus and Platinum contracts provide an even more extensive level of support that will give you total peace of mind when it comes to your system. A Plus contract contains free upgrades of the newest releases of your Noldus software. Therefore, you will always benefit from the latest functionalities and the newest features. Next to this, a Platinum contract contains extended warranty and, last but not least, express hardware replacement. With extended warranty and express hardware replacement you don’t have to worry that your system will be out of order. We will help you the fastest and the best way we can.

What is included?

All Basic, Plus, and Platinum contracts include:

  • Free maintenance releases of Noldus software – We update our software constantly to make it optimal for your research needs. Users of Noldus software products are entitled to updates as soon as they become available. We inform all users as soon as there is an update, after which they can easily download them from  
  • Technical support via telephone – Our technical support departments are reachable through phone and fax during the normal business hours of our offices. Since we have offices worldwide, you can reach us almost every hour of the day and we guarantee a personal response within one business day.
  • E-mail and remote assistance on software and set-ups – Easily reach us through the internet via convenient web-based forms or via email. Our service contracts cover technical support on the complete integrated set-up which we delivered and which we tested upfront. Moreover, modern software tools allow us to remotely take control over your system (of course only after your explicit authorization). In this way, more advanced support is possible since we are able to remotely check your system and settings, almost as if we are present at your premises, and show you exactly how to use the software.
  • Access to the Technical Support Knowledgebase – Access to our web-based Technical Support Knowledgebase extends the availability of technical support beyond our office hours. This database is continuously updated and is ideal for troubleshooting to help you solve your problem.


Take advantage of all the above benefits when you purchase a Plus or Platinum service contract, along with:

  • Free upgrades of Noldus software – Stay ahead with the latest technology and functionality: a Plus or Platinum service contract assures that you automatically receive the latest version of your software product as soon as it becomes available. 
  • Free webinars – Making use of the internet, we offer you free webinars. These web-based presentations or application seminars will give you information on how to use Noldus products in a specific lab set-up or test. It can also cover one specific subject such as: “How to do a reliability analysis?”.
  • 50% Discount on remote training courses – Most of our training courses can be delivered remotely, using the latest internet technology. When you have a service contract, you can join a remote training course for half price!
  • 10% Discount on rental of equipment – Renting software licenses or hardware can be an ideal option if you are looking for temporary observation capacity. An additional 10% discount on the already attractive rental fees is included in all Plus and Platinum service contracts.
  • Technical support on Software Development Kits (SDK) – SDKs enable you to build your own plug-in components and interfaces for our software. Support on SDKs is free of charge for customers who have a Plus or Platinum service contract.


With a Platinum contract:

  • Extended warranty on hardware items – During the service contract period, Noldus will replace any equipment found to be defective in materials or workmanship.  
  • Free express hardware replacement– Minimize downtime due to unexpected equipment failure. The Platinum service contract offers express hardware  replacement. We deliver hardware replacements at your site using the fastest possible method of shipping. At your request, the hardware can be installed by a qualified Noldus technician. Travel and lodging costs are not included.
  • On-site support and refresher training courses at a reduced fee – A qualified trainer will visit your premises to assist you with your system. Refresher training courses can optimize your product’s use in your specific application (travel and lodging costs for onsite visit are not included).

 A Platinum contract is not available in all areas, because express hardware replacement cannot be guaranteed wordwide.