Cross maze (aquatic)

Many standardized learning and memory paradigms are successfully translated from rodent to zebrafish studies. Examples include the T-maze, plus maze, and social and place preference testing. 

Maze options

We offer an aquatic cross maze that allows you to test zebrafish in a T-maze, plus maze, and other set-ups. With several inserts, you can adjust this maze any way you want. It is made from acrylic plastic and can be fitted with colored sleeves for color discrimination learning. Of course, it is perfectly suited for video tracking research with EthoVision XT.


Noldus can always offer a custom maze build to your specifications. In addition we have preferred suppliers such as Maze Engineers. Please notice that availability of the mazes from different manufacturers may differ based on your location. 

More information

To request more information, such as dimensions and options, please contact us. We would be happy to talk to you about which maze would suit your study best!