Water maze

The Morris water maze is a well-defined spatial learning task for rats and mice, one of the most often used tests in neuroscience research. A round pool is filled with opaque water or milk and the animal has to learn the location of a hidden platform, for example by learning to recognize environmental cues. In several trials, this location might alter or the platform is removed completely. This way several types of learning and retention are measured.

Water maze
The morris water maze is available in different colors and sizes
Water maze
Morris water maze platform

Maze options

The water maze pool (or tank) is used in different sizes and typically includes a platform. This platform can be on-demand and automatically controlled with EthoVision XT software. Other typical components are a water heater and a stand. We can provide you with any size water maze in any color, custom made or from one of our suppliers. There is always something to suit your research needs and budget. 


Noldus can always offer a custom maze build to your specifications. In addition we have preferred suppliers such as Maze Engineers and Ugo Basile. (Please notice that availability of the mazes from different manufacturers may differ based on your location.) 

Benefits and design features

Although the water maze is typically a basic design pool, there are differences in sizes, colors, and optional components between suppliers. 

More information

To request more information, such as dimensions and options, please contact us. We would be happy to talk to you about which maze would suit your study best!