The Y-maze is similar to the T-maze, except it has three similar arms that are all placed at 120 degrees to each other. Some researchers prefer the Y-maze over the T-maze because learning time might be decreased in this test. 

A straight-forward Y-maze with doors
Several options are available for size and color

Maze options

The Y-maze is in many cases smaller than the T-maze, but is available in several sizes, colors, and materials. Similar to the T-maze, many options such as colored arms, doors, and food dispensers, are available. Hardware can be programmed and controlled from within EthoVision XT, based on time or animal behavior. The Y-maze can be custom build to your preferences, or you can order a standardized maze. There is always something to suit your research needs and budget. Of course, all mazes are perfectly suited for video tracking research with EthoVision XT or in-depth behavioral scoring with The Observer XT.


Noldus can always offer a custom maze build to your specifications. In addition we have preferred suppliers such as Maze Engineers and Ugo Basile. Please notice that availability of the mazes from different manufacturers may differ based on your location. 

Benefits and design features

Some Y-mazes are built from a modular system, like the one from Ugo Basile, which usually means you can also build a T-maze, radial arm maze, and even plus maze from this system. Maze Engineers offers optional escape tubes, that turn the Y-maze into a ‘peddling maze’ with a low level of water.  

More information

To request more information, such as dimensions and options, please contact us. We would be happy to talk to you about which maze would suit your study best!