EthoVision documentation

Case studies

Differences in maternal care - Impact on adolescent behavioral phenotype
Scorpaenidae metabolism - Measuring activity and oxygen consumption

Using EthoVision XT for studying object recognition in mice
Evaluation of Porsolt Swim Test activity using the Mobility parameter of EthoVision
Behavioral analysis of transgenic mice overexpressing corticotropin-releasing hormone 
Effects of neonatal DEX treatment on social behavior of the rat in later life 
Play deprivation decreases adult social behavior
Still waters run deep: EthoVision and the Morris water maze. 
Using EthoVision to study social interactions in rodents. 
Human spatial orientation and way-finding analysis with EthoVision in a real arena maze 
Video tracking of grasshopper nymphs 
Motivation and ability to walk for a food reward in broilers 
Video tracking of marine invertebrate larvae using EthoVision 3.0 
Using EthoVision to quantify spontaneous swimming behavior in small groups of fish 
Behavioral responses of wallabies to predator odors. 
Behavior and genetics in fowl: Side effects of selection for production traits. 
A colorful EthoVision masquarade or how to trace moving pigs automatically. 
Using computer imaging to measure spontaneous locomotor activity in fish 
An upwind flight with a happy landing: How teamwork leads to an innovative research instrument 
Locomotor activity in parasitoid insects measured by EthoVision 
Stress, emotion and cognition; role of mineralo- and glucocorticoid receptors 
Avoidance behavior in mice - Refining behavioral analysis for genetic dissection 
Measuring behavior & physiology - An integrated system for video and radio-telemetric EEG 
Effect of early life stress on learning and memory in adults