UX Insight 2017

Meet us at UX Insight 2017 in The Fabrique in Utrecht, The Netherlands and learn more about our tools for your User eXperience research.

A variety of data such as video, audio, information from eye trackers, physiological data, and more can easily be integrated in a Noldus’ solution. Noldus (multi-room) labs make use of the latest video technology, many different data acquisition systems, and software such as The Observer® XT, the user-friendly software for research and analysis, Viso®, the multi room recording suite, FaceReader™, for automatic analysis of the basic facial expressions, and Eye trackers.

The Observer XT

The Observer XT® is the most powerful software tool for behavioral observation and video analysis. Used by over 20,000 professionals all over the world, The Observer XT facilitates easy integration of eye tracking, physiological, and FaceReader data. Also, with uLog, you can record mouse clicks, keystrokes, and scrolls. Need to ask questions to your participants? Add a survey with your recorded video using the uASQ tool. Get complete insight into the relationships between the experimental conditions, overt behavior, and physiological responses. 


With Viso® you can create synchronized recordings of video, audio, and computer screens in multiple rooms at once. Record from up to four IP cameras per room. Score markers and add comments from any location, in real-time or offline. Working with Viso will save you time, deliver you peace of mind, and will improve your research!


FaceReader™ automatically analyzes facial expressions: happy, sad, scared, disgusted, surprised, angry, contempt, and neutral. It also calculates gaze direction, head orientation, and personal characteristics (such as gender and age), and offers advanced analysis and reporting. The Project Analysis Module provides insight into the effects of different stimuli. Easily program a set of stimuli, mark events, and examine changes in emotion across stimuli.

Eye trackers

Add substantial power to your lab set up with eye trackers. This advanced technology measures visual attention, mental load, and arousal. See where your participant is looking at! Eye trackers produce gaze path video and large quantities of rich data, all related to attention and emotion.

We look forward meeting you in-person in Utrecht!


Thursday, 9 February, 2017
Utrecht, The Netherlands