Data integration, behavioral analysis, automated facial expression analysis, and much more...

AV solution

With the Viso® suite of software tools, audiovisual solutions, you can create and synchronize high-definition audio, video, and screen recordings from multiple rooms at once. Viso brings you recording, management, and control technology like nothing else in the market. This user-friendly software suite also includes annotation.

Usability Lab

We design labs tailored to meet your research needs. In a Noldus Usability Lab all equipment is fully integrated, allowing you to operate the equipment and make recordings on one central computer in the control room, while an intercom enables you to communicate with test participants sitting in the observation room.


Experience Lab

Presenting KPN's Experience Lab: a multi-functional facility, exclusively built for sessions with customers. To make the services and products of KPN accessible for everyone; anytime and anywhere, the designers and researchers use Viso software which is easy to use and provides quick results. 

lab with the observer xt in vancouver

Free trial

Request a FREE trial version of The Observer® XT and see for yourself how easy behavioral research can be!

  • Work faster - Automate tedious repeating tasks
  • Cost reduction - Achieve more with less people
  • Better insights - The Observer XT offers multiple analysis options