Data integration, behavioral analysis, automated facial expression analysis, and much more...

New release!

The latest and greatest from Noldus is here! With the Viso™ suite of software tools, you can create and synchronize high-definition audio and video recordings from multiple rooms at once. Viso brings you video recording, management, and control technology like nothing else in the market. This user-friendly software tool is the perfect recording solution for any lab.


Fully integrated labs

Your research is unique. So are your lab requirements. Noldus offers a wide range of flexible tools designed to meet a variety of research demands. You can rely on our many years of  experience with building labs all over the world to create the perfect lab for you. We can help you at every stage of your project, from the design of your lab to the interpretation of the results.

Noldus lab solutions

Medical simulation

A simulated operating room provides a secure environment for training and evaluation: new protocols or high-tech tools can be tested, different scenarios can be simulated, and group dynamics can be studied in great detail. A variety of data such as video streams, information from movement sensors, and more can easily be integrated in a Noldus’ solution.

Simulation in healthcare

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