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Simulation software

With the Viso® suite of software tools, audiovisual solutions, you can create and synchronize high-definition audio, video, and screen recordings from multiple rooms at once. Viso brings you recording, management, and control technology like nothing else in the market. This user-friendly software suite also includes annotation.

Emotional energy

A new app, called NRGY, is one of the first apps in the world that is capable of measuring your physical, mental, and emotional energy level, all within 90 seconds. FaceReader™ technology provides insights into your emotional energy/vitality and is an essential part of this app. You can now download this app yourself.



Noldus delivers detailed insights into consumer choice behavior. By leveraging our experienced consultants, Noldus presents our partners with powerful means to understanding the journey through the “Moments of Truth”: the key points where customers make the decision of what to purchase.

Noldus consulting services

Free trial

Request a FREE trial version of The Observer® XT and see for yourself how easy behavioral research can be!

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