Psychiatric research

Behavioral observations are important tools in psychiatric research. Patient-nurse interaction can be observed unobtrusively to uncover hidden behavior patterns. 

Research often takes place in an institute or in a lab. In a lab there are often standardized trials where video recordings are the main source of information. A dome camera can track participants who would have otherwise moved out of the camera’s field of vision. Researchers analyze the video material afterwards with The Observer® XT. They often work in multidisciplinary teams, where each member contributes his own expertise. Behavioral parameters can easily be combined with other information such as rating scales and information from medical files.

Interesting publications

Diverse scientific articles citing Noldus products are published in renowned journals each week. The following list is only a small selection of scientific publications in psychiatric research.

  • Corbett, B.A.; Swain, D.M.; Newson, C.; Wang, L.; Song, Y.; Edgerton, D. (2013). Biobehavioral profiles of arousal and social motivation in autism spectrum disorders. The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, doi:10.1111/jcpp.12184
  • Logsdon, M.C.; Wisner, K.; Hanusa B.H. (2009). Does maternal role functioning improve with antidepressant treatment in women with postpartum depression? Journal of Woman's Health, doi:10:1089/jwh.2007.0635