Sports science

Team performance depends on effective interplay of team members. Recording and quantitatively analyzing video with The Observer® XT sheds light on individual player effectiveness, and on the way they interact. Measure effective interplay: observe match location, match status, and for instance different on-the-ball behaviors. You can use Pocket Observer if you would like to score behavior live. 

Movement analysis in volleyball

When analyzing movement in sports, there is more that matters than the way players handle their rackets or hockey sticks. Observation of the way players move and their response time, overall fitness, body strength, and, of course, the overall team performance all help create a more complete picture. Read more about this behavioral analysis in a blog post.

Interesting publications

A diverse collection of scientific articles citing Noldus products are published in renowned journals each week. The following list is only a small selection of the most recent published scientific articles in different research fields.

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