What is FaceReader

FaceReader is the most advanced tool for automatic analysis of facial expressions, providing users with an objective assessment of a person’s emotion. It automatically analyzes the expressions: happy, sad, angry, surprised, scared, disgusted, contempt, and neutral. Read on to learn more!

Why use FaceReader

  • FaceReader is the complete facial expression analysis software.
  • Over 300 sites worldwide make use of FaceReader.
  • More than 10.000 manually annotated images used for training the software.
  • Improved East-Asian model trained with over 4.000 manually annotated images.
  • Accurate modeling of the face by describing 500 key points.
  • Versatile system including OEM possibilities and an API.
  • Carry out your project in an efficient way and increase accuracy and reliability.
  • Objectivity in observations.