Welcome to Noldus InnovationWorks!Noldus Innovation Works

Noldus InnovationWorks is the research and innovation laboratory of Noldus Information Technology. It serves as an incubator where novel technologies, concepts and product prototypes are researched, developed, field-tested and commercialized. We engage in high-risk projects that push the limits of our technology beyond the state of the art. Or we try out new concepts that may lead to a useful tool for our customers. We carry out our innovation in partnership with leading researchers and commercial partners to ensure that we are developing products which people really need.
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New: TrackLabTrackLab: GPS car track 1.2

TracklabTrackLab is our software tool for recognition and analysis of spatial behaviors and for the design of interactive systems. We are pleased to announce the release of a new version with enhanced analysis and control functions: TrackLab 1.2. The abundance of location and tracking systems offers you an immense amount of data at low costs. But how do you use this data in professional applications or research projects? How do you extract meaningful information from this data?  We now have the solution that answers all of these questions: TrackLab!


Coming soon: ErasmusLadder

Erasmus Ladder

The ErasmusLadder is an automated system for the quick and easy assessment of locomotor performance and locomotor learning of mice. The mouse learns to run across a horizontal ladder with 37 rungs, and then it is presented with an obstacle which it has to learn to deal with. The ErasmusLadder logs and analyzes every step the mouse makes. It is an excellent system for assessing motor learning in the cerebellum and disease models related to cerebellum function.
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