About Noldus InnovationWorks

Noldus InnovationWorks is the research and innovation laboratory of Noldus Information Technology. It serves as an incubator where novel technologies, concepts and product prototypes are researched, developed, field-tested and commercialized. We engage in challenging projects that push the limits of our technology and we try out new concepts that may lead to a useful tool for our customers. Sometimes we solve a problem in one domain, which can lead to unexpected applications in a completely different domain. Our engineers and scientists work on projects that span a wide range of technical disciplines and a variety of species, from zebrafish and rodents to wildlife, farm animals and humans.

How do we work

Our research efforts are concentrated in our headquarters in Wageningen, The Netherlands, although field tests and validation studies take place at many other locations in and outside Europe. Projects in Noldus InnovationWorks are inspired by market demands, societal challenges, technology trends and the creativity of InnovationWorks team members. Funding comes from an internal budget, complemented with research grants and commercial contracts. 

Noldus InnovationWorks pursues and coordinates partnerships with leading researchers and entrepreneurs in academia, government and industry, in order to develop the next generation of breakthrough technologies. We aim at collaboration that achieves high-impact results in areas that align with our strategic vision and goals, furthering the scientific and business objectives of Noldus and its partners. We currently participate in about 30 collaborative projects, under auspices of the Dutch government or the European Commission, with partners from all over Europe. If you are forming a research consortium and think that Noldus might be a suitable partner, please contact us.

If you have an idea, concept or prototype you think would be suitable for Noldus, please do contact us!

The people in Noldus InnovationWorks

Noldus InnovationWorks was established in 2011 and is directed by Dr. Lucas Noldus, founder and CEO of Noldus Information Technology. The laboratory has about 10 permanent staff members plus a variable number of PhD fellows, MSc students and visiting scientists. The majority of our staff are software engineers, but the department also has consultants with a background in psychology and biology, and experts in market research and other commercial aspects of development.  All the permanent staff have university level degrees, and a number have PhDs.