Automatic behavior measurement of multiple people is easier if you know where they are and where they have been. The new vision-based PeopleTracker can unobtrusively capture location data on the ground in real-time, while dealing with occlusions. This tracker provides 2D silhouettes in the scene and a 3D representation to enable robust tracking and prepare for further analysis. PeopleTracker works with standard cameras inside as well as outside. For analysis of the collected tracks, you can use our TrackLab software.

PeopleTracker is now under development as a prototype at Noldus InnovationWorks, the research and innovation laboratory of Noldus Information Technology.


  • Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.
  • Reliable tracking without using markers or tags.
  • Works with standard video cameras (side-view or top-view) - no investment in special equipment required.
  • Increase efficiency of your research: the combination of PeopleTracker with TrackLab helps you to get rid of laborious manual video annotation.
  • Combining PeopleTracker with TrackLab offers a complete, integrated solution for tracking and analyzing spatial behavior.

Versatile research solution

The main challenge of tracking multiple people is how to handle obstructions. Even when the scene is empty, a person might be only partly visible, because there is another person in front of him at a certain moment. PeopleTracker uses multiple calibrated cameras to determine the subject’s position. The result is a new solution that can track and identify up to 10 persons simultaneously, depending on the number of cameras used. With 4 cameras it is currently possible to track 4 persons.

PeopleTracker can be used in a wide range of different applications, varying from in-store analytics to health monitoring. Examples can be found in:

  • Consumer behavior studies — which path do customers follow in restaurants, supermarkets or shopping malls?
  • Visitor studies — which route do visitors take in a museum or theme park?
  • Assisted Living — how do elderly people move around in their home?
  • Psychology — how do children interact in a playground?

Advanced analysis

For analysis of your collected data, use TrackLab, our new software tool for analysis of spatial behavior and the design of interactive systems. It allows you to work in any spatial context, tracked by any type of positioning system. TrackLab lets you import the collected tracking data real-time as well as offline. The collected data can be visualized, processed, and analyzed. Furthermore, you can create interactive systems based on the generated data (available in real-time).

Tracks can be visualized on a map within the software, both bitmaps (e.g. the floor plan of a building) and geographical maps. The software allows you to visualize the tracks of multiple objects simultaneously. Visualizations include various trajectory styles and heat-maps.

PeopleTracker was developed within the context of the ITEA project Empathic Products ( If you are interested to apply PeopleTracker in your research, please contact us.