AppTrack: App usage and location tracking combined

A fundamental feature of smartphones and tablets is that they are mobile devices. If you are designing an app for such a device and you are interested in how it is used, location-based information is critical.  Does the user have to stop walking to use it, or is your user interaction so intuitive that they can keep going?  Does the user look up the route on your navigation app in the train or in the station? How does the mix of apps used differ if you compare subjects at a train station or at an airport?

AppTrack uses the built-in location tracking of a smartphone and combines that with information it gathers itself about which apps are being used, to create an integrated data set of locations and software usage. This data can be brought in to both TrackLab and The Observer XT for powerful analysis. That means that you can segment your data by zone (which apps did she use whilst visting the zoo?), time (was the app usage different in the morning or afternoon?), speed (what is the difference in sports apps used when cycling or running?) or other imported data (sensor data, manually scored data, etc). The data selection can be nested so that you can combine all the above types of criteria.

The figure below shows an example of app usage on a map and bar chart, but of course in addition to such visualizations of your data, full statistical analysis is also available when you use the complete solution of AppTrack, TrackLab and The Observer XT together. 

If you are interested in AppTrack, please contact us for more details. 

Publication Chi Sparks 2014