Wireless body temperature and activity monitoring

TemPlant is an innovative system for automated and accurate wireless body temperature and activity monitoring. It is suitable for biomedical studies and research with individually or socially housed farm animals.

Key features of TemPlant include its high measurement accuracy (0.1 °C), long transmission range (up to 20 m) and long battery life (multiple years). The system has been successfully validated in pig studies at MSD Animal Health, HAS University of Applied Sciences, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Purdue University . Applications of TemPlant include health and welfare monitoring, early disease warning, infectious disease studies, drug and vaccine testing. By integrating temperature and activity data, the system can also be used for estrus detection in pigs.

Why use TemPlant?

  • Continuous monitoring of core body temperature, to detect the onset of fever or a specific physiological state (such as estrus in pigs)
  • Decrease in time and labor for data collection
  • Digital temperature archive for each animal
  • No stress-related artifacts in data collected 
  • No animal bites for technicians taking rectal temperatures
  • No transmission of dangerous micro-organisms from animals to humans
  • Freedom of movement for animals due to the 20 meter range of the implants 

TemPlant is a worthwhile and durable investment in the future of your biomedical or veterinary research, animal breeding or precision livestock farming practice.

TeleMetronics and Noldus 

TemPlant has been developed by TeleMetronics Biomedical BV. Products and technologies from this company have recently been acquired by Noldus Information Technology and become part of Noldus InnovationWorks.

If you are interested in the TemPlant system, please contact us for more information. 

Recent publication

Johnson, J.S.; Shade, K.A. (2017). Characterizing body temperature and activity changes at the onset of estrus in replacement gilts. Livestock Science, 199: 22–24.