Tracklab: a new tool for indoor and outdoor tracking, movement analysis and behavioral event detection

Different tracking technologies such as GPS, ultra wide-band or video-based tracking all have their strengths and weaknesses. TrackLab software offers an approach for combining both indoor and outdoor tracking.

Main functions

  • Open platform which can take inputs from a broad variety of tracking technologies, live and offline.
  • Track data can be smoothed and filtered to remove outliers.
  • Visualizations include heat maps and traces which are color-coded according to the subject’s speed.
  • Calculate a wide range of statistics quantifying to movement and searching behavior.
  • Inertial tracking with a tracker on the shoe to improve location accuracy. 

Main applications for ambient assisted living

  • Assessing both positive and negative aspects of a person’s location and movement.
  • Tracking can be used to monitor exercise taken by the subject, and the reports generated can be used to give feedback to patients and carer.  
  • Integration with other software makes it possible to send an alarm signal to carers, for instance if an Alzheimer’s patient strays outside of the grounds of where they live.
  • The tool can also be used to detect if a person hasn’t moved for a while, which can trigger an alarm.

TrackLab example screenshot

TrackLab software is being developed in the framework of the AAL projects E-MOSION and CaMeLi.