TrackLab and Elitac tactile feedback

The abundance of location and tracking systems offers an immense amount of data at low cost. But how do you use this data in professional applications or research projects? How do you enable other systems to interact with the data? Noldus InnovationWorks and Elitac have teamed up to achieve the end-to-end solution for real time movement analysis and behavioral control. Whether you work on consumer behavior research, visitor behavior studies, spatial cognition, assisted living, or develop interactive systems, this new integrated solution can aid you in your work.

You do not have to find separate tracking systems, software tools, and tactile displays, we have done this for you. By combining Elitac’s experience in making reliable tactile feedback systems with Noldus experience in developing software tools for behavioral research, we created a solution that offers accurate tracking and versatile real-time feedback.

Control room TrackLab
Analyze the track
Behavior patterns become crystal clear

What is a tactile display?

A tactile display is an array of small vibration elements integrated in textile and worn closely to the skin. It uses vibration which stimulates the skin to present information you can feel. Tactile displays are well suited to give spatial orientation cues, navigation cues, (directional) warnings, feedback of the state of a vehicle when controlling it, and perceptual cues of remote or virtual worlds. They can also be used as an intuitive and personal communication channel. The information that is displayed on a tactile display is private and it keeps the eyes, ears and hands of the user free.

Elitac develops and produces tactile displays, based on research of the last decade. The Elitac Science Suit is a modular, customizable solution for research and development purposes. The Science Suit is a complete package, including a set of seven flexible textile straps, Bluetooth control module, up to 32 tactors and software. It can be used to design tactile displays for specific applications. Elitac can also offer custom made tactile solutions, like belts and wristbands.

Real time tactile feedback

Events related to zone-related behavior or user-defined movement classes can be sent out in real-time by Track-Lab, e.g. to a smartphone or a tactile display. This real-time feedback allows you to gain direct insight in the location and movement of the test subjects, furthermore it allows you to use this information as input for external applications. You can for example present stimuli or trigger events based on the location and movement of your test subject.

Combining Elitac tactile feedback with the Noldus TrackLab system makes it possible to:

  • Give real-time warnings to observers — E.g. in a control room observers that monitor a process will feel vibrations when an automatically detected behavior occurs. Even when an observer is away from the computer screen.
  • Influence behavior in real-time — E.g. it makes it possible to make people that are observed aware of certain behavior or to control where they should or should not be going.

The monitoring and feedback system that has been created is not only suitable for analyzing behavior in research environments, but also for a wide range of applications through real-time behavior control in dynamic situations.

Integrated solutions

By offering an end-to end solution including tracking system, software and tactile display, you do not have to worry about compatibility of components or about the installation of the system. After installation of the system you will be trained in how to use the hardware and software, enabling you to optimally benefit from the setup.