TrackLab and UWB tracking

Noldus and Ubisense have teamed up to achieve the end-to-end solution for real time and offline movement analysis based on Ultra-Wideband tracking. Whether you work on consumer behavior research, visitor behavior studies, spatial cognition, behavioral ecology or farm animals, or develop interactive systems, TrackLab will aid you in your work.  

You do not have to find separate tracking systems and software tools, or spend time on the development of compatible tools, we have done this for you. By combining Ubisense’s experience in making accurate and reliable real time location systems with Noldus’ 25+ years experience in developing software tools for behavioral research, we created a solution that offers accurate tracking and versatile software for analysis and real time feedback. In addition, we can also offer assistance integrating TrackLab with other UWB tracking systems.

What does it do?

TrackLab is our software tool for recognition of and analysis of spatial behavior and the design of interactive systems. It allows you to work with any number of subjects, in any spatial context, tracked by any type of positioning system. It uses the UWB tracking data as input, which can be processed real-time as well as offline. The collected data can be visualized, processed and analyzed. Furthermore, you can create interactive systems based on the generated data, which is available real-time.

Collecting data

Collecting the location data is done by the Ubisense real time location system. This system uses UWB for accurate and reliable tracking at any location. Ubisense tags transmit UWB pulses of extremely short duration which are received by the sensors and used to determine where the tag is located using a unique combination of Time-Difference-of-Arrival (TDoA) and Angle-of-Arrival (AoA) techniques. The use of UWB together with the unique AoA and TDoA functionality ensures both high accuracy and reliability of operation in challenging environments. Sensors are grouped into cells with additional sensors being added to a cell depending on the geometry of the area to be covered. In each cell a master sensor coordinates the activities of the other sensors and communicates with all the tags whose location is determined within the cell. By using overlapping cells, it is possible to cover very large areas. 

Processing and interpreting data

TrackLab guides you though the next steps of your research:

  • Importing and visualizing data
  • Creating user-defined regions and classifiers
  • Generating real time feedback
  • Analyzing the collected data

More information on these steps can be found here.

Integrated solution

The combination of TrackLab and the Ultra-Wideband system will be supplied to you as an integrated solution, including on-site installation testing and training. By doing so, we deliver you a turn-key solution ready to be used in your research. By following the training course you will be able to optimally benefit from this integrated setup.