Virtual ShopLab

One of the great advantages of the virtual world is that you can quickly change the layout of a shop or the design of packaging  without the time and expenses of altering anything in the real world. Virtual ShopLab is a set-up that you can use to test how purchase intent is affected by aspects such as:

  • Packaging design and elements.
  • Product position on a shelf.
  • Product placement in a store.
  • Store layout.
  • Product labelling.
  • Advertising about the product in the store, such as posters or other marketing stimuli.

Our Virtual ShopLab also offers you the possibility to test product or packaging concepts that do not exist yet or are difficult (or even impossible) to realize at this moment.

With Virtual ShopLab, you can easily and accurately measure the response of shoppers while they move around the shop and select products with different packaging, in different positions, and so on.

Virtual shop


  • Complete solution, integrating all relevant data into one package. 
  • 3D remote eye tracking offers accurate measurement of the test participants gaze behavior.
  • User friendly integrated system: no need to become a specialist on individual system parts.
  • Enhanced analysis options.
  • More cost effective and efficient compared to actually producing test products.
  • More realistic than images.

Realistic and flexible product testing

This new innovative research tool helps you understand the behavior of a customer and the influence of many different aspects on in-store purchase behavior. Noldus InnovationWorks and Green Dino have partnered in development of Virtual ShopLab, combining the strength of each partner to deliver this powerful new test instrument.