Noldus Information Technology releases The Observer XT

5 September 2005

Wageningen - Noldus Information Technology today officially released The Observer XT, the complete new version of its system for collection and analysis of observational data. The new software contains many features that customers have been asking for. Highlights include the integration of video streams and event logs with physiological and other numerical data, the use of rating scales and hierarchical coding schemes, and building up coding schemes while going along. The software was officially launched at Measuring Behavior 2005, where it triggered very enthusiastic reactions.
R&D manager Herman Roosken states ‘We never released a product of such flexibility and technical complexity before’. The new software proves that technical complexity can go hand in hand with ease of use. The user is completely free to move from one part of the program to another, there is seamless integration of data and video, and all data can be displayed in one synchronized view. New projects are started with just a few clicks, and within 10 seconds you can be recording your first observation. 

The Observer XT allows researchers to build integrated measurement systems that were impossible until now, including eye trackers, physiological data acquisition systems, biotelemetry equipment, EEG recorders, force transducers, and much more. This opens new avenues for research into the relations between behavior, movement, and physiology.

Noldus has been taking orders for the new product since its announcement in April 2005. Shipping has started; many customers will be receiving their package in the coming days. The first package was handed over to Greg Cronin, research scientist at the Animal Welfare Science Centre in Werribee, Australia, by Lucas Noldus, Managing Director of Noldus Information Technology at Measuring Behavior 2005.

Extensive printed documentation and a demo CD are available upon request.