Computer, video, and data acquisition systems

Noldus is known for the wide selection of computer components that comprise our field of proven hardware set-ups. We are continuously striving to help you achieve your research goals by offering turn-key solutions. Our knowledge and experience in video observation will help you conduct your observations, even under the most challenging conditions.


Choosing the right type of camera for your application is vital for reliable observations. We offer a broad range of color and black-and-white CCD cameras along with cameras that have both features. The combination of a black-and-white camera and infrared (IR) lighting is ideal for observing under low light conditions, when the image quality is important and the observed species cannot be disturbed. This combination also solves the problem of tracking animals with different fur colors in sequence or problems caused by reflections of light.

Firewire cameras

Instead of using an analog camera, our software is also compatible with Firewire cameras, which do not require a frame grabber. (Note that when you use a Firewire camera with EthoVision XT, you can only track live.) We also offer high-speed cameras, which are ideal to study very subtle behaviors in animal locomotion. Our specialists can advice you about choosing the right cameras and using them with the right lenses and lighting.

Tapeless camcorders

You can now use video files (.vob files) from hard disk cameras in The Observer XT. Tested on Panasonic camcorder SDR-H280 and Sony HDR-SR1 on SD, this latest technological development offers you great flexibility and improved ease-of-use. This eliminates the need for video conversion. Just import the .vob file directly into The Observer XT, and you're set! The use of the vob extension also allows for synchronous recording of audio and video without additional microphones and cables. Most tapeless camcorders allow storage up to 80 GB. All in all, this is an ideal solution for on-site observations.


Our software products can be used on various different hardware platforms such as desktop computers, laptops, and handheld devices (PDA, Psion Workabout Pro, and some smart phones). Handheld devices are ideal for live scoring of animals in the field. Depending on your needs we can customize a set-up to be rugged, wireless, remote controlled, portable, stationary, or adapted to any other type of environment.

Handheld computers

We provide a variety of handheld computer models, suitable for observing animals in various environmental conditions. The range of handheld computers can roughly be divided in two categories:

  • Sophisticated handheld computers with a touch screen and stylus: Handhelds with a touch screen and stylus provide a clear overview of accessible functions and scoring simply takes place by tapping the touch screen. The large (color) touch screen of these devices provides easy control. These sophisticated handheld devices are very suitable when working in dry and moderate climate conditions.
  • Rugged handheld computers: Our rugged handheld computers can withstand high humidity and extreme environmental temperatures and are suitable for observing animals in hot and dusty climates. They can resist a drop of one meter, are splash proof, and the operating temperature ranges from –20°C to +60°C. Most rugged handhelds are keyboard-based. Scoring behavior simply takes place by pressing the corresponding key of the keyboard, allowing you to fully concentrate and keep your eyes on the animal while observing.

Most handhelds can be delivered with additional batteries and a protective carrying case.

Data acquisition (DAQ) systems

We offer various types of Data AcQuisition (DAQ) systems for measuring biometric signals in small or large animal species. Due to our partnerships with many sensometric manufacturers, we can ensure that the hardware we offer is able to measure any parameters you may need.

Preferred suppliers

All our solutions are assembled using Class A equipment without losing the price-quality ratio out of our sight. By working with
well-known manufacturers, we ensure longtime support and, if needed, replacement of parts. We are always looking for the latest hardware innovations to keep our solutions in pace with ongoing technological developments. The following is a list of just some of our preferred suppliers:

  • Dell computers and laptops
  • Basler Vision Technologies
  • Euresys frame grabbers and machine vision
  • Data Sciences International
  • Axis IP Cameras
  • Microsoft Lifecam
  • Samsung tablets