Morris water maze

A very popular test for spatial learning and memory is the Morris water maze task. The water maze consists of a pool, with a hidden platform submerged just below the water surface. During the Morris water maze test, the rat or mouse learns to escape from the water by locating a hidden platform with the help of visual cues. Optionally, the platform is removed in a second phase of the experiment, or placed in another quadrant, to investigate the animal’s response to this new situation or to measure extinction.

Morris water maze and EthoVision XT

Areas of interest

In a Morris water maze test, you are interested in where the animal swims relative to the platform. You want to define the four quadrants, the platform, and maybe even Wishaw’s corridor. EthoVision XT has intuitive drawing tools to define these zones in your video image. Variables measured, such as location, but also velocity and distances, are automatically linked to these zones. 

ethovision xt arena definition water maze
Easily define the areas of interest in your water maze set-up within EthoVision XT. 
ethovision xt video tracking water maze
EthoVision XT accurately tracks the movement of your rat or mouse as it navigates through the water maze. 

More efficiency

Automating your research provides a number of great benefits; it increases efficiency and helps you to standardize your experiment, resulting in more reliable data. You can program EthoVision XT to automatically start and stop the tracking of your animal, saving you the hassle of doing it manually. For example, start tracking as soon as the animal is detected in the starting quadrant and stop tracking after it has reached the Atlantis platform. 

Examples of parameters

EthoVision XT automatically calculates a range of variables that are of interest in the Water maze task. Of course, you want to know the average distance to the platform during the trial, known as Gallagher's proximity. Another well-known parameter is Whishaw's error, or alternatively, the heading angle error, reflecting the correctness of the swim path towards the platform. The direction of movement, relative to the platform (heading) is also a useful variable. 

Other parameters include velocity of movement, time spent in quadrant of platform (or where the platform was previously located), etc.  

Water maze equipment

For more information about the water maze equipment and components, click here.  

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