Custom labs

Your research is unique. So are your lab requirements. To meet them, Noldus offers a wide range of tools that are flexible and designed to meet a variety of research demands. If your application requires a truly unique solution, you can rely on our many years of experience with building labs all over the world to create a custom lab for you. We can even integrate the hardware and software you already have into one of our solutions.

Solutions that meet your requirements

When designing your lab, we combine software and hardware solutions that meet your unique research requirements. We have many standard solutions in our portfolio that offer a good value for the money. Do you need something special? A different type of camera or Data AcQuisition (DAQ) system? We are more than happy to work with you to create the optimal custom solution.

Full integration

Full integration means we integrate hardware components into full systems, even if they are not mentioned in this catalog. High speed cameras, data acquisition systems, eye trackers, and video servers, are just a few examples of the components we can integrate. We can also integrate third party hardware and software.

Integration can take place on many levels. Some systems only require data integration or screen recordings, while others need fully synchronized recordings of multiple modalities. Backed by highly technical support staff, our sales team can help you investigate the options, and create the best system for your needs.

Service and support

We test our standard components extensively under many different circumstances to verify how they work with new releases of our products. Custom components are tested as well, in conjunction with our software. We provide extensive documentation and our staff is trained and experienced in helping you with common issues.

The Observer XT

We only work with world-class suppliers. The Observer® XT has been successfully integrated with many different systems and equipment. We help you to build the right solution, consisting of The Observer XTand the equipment you require. We offer systems that include components from:

Eye trackers

  • SMI
  • Tobii
  • Smart Eye

Eye tracker
Remote eye tracking

Data acquisition equipment

  • Biopac
  • Mindware Technologies
  • Polar Electric


  • Basler
  • Imaging Source
  • Panasonic

You can also work with equipment from other suppliers. The Observer XT has been successfully integrated with ASL and Smart Eye eye trackers and with DAQ equipment from ADInstruments, Becker Meditec, Biosemi, EGI, TMS International, VU-AMS, and G-tec. If you are looking for motion capture equipment, you can choose equipment from Motion Analysis. The Observer XT has also been integrated with E-Prime and simulators from BAE Systems and Re-lion.

Four examples of custom-made solutions

Restaurant of the future

The Restaurant of the Future is a unique environment where scientists can observe restaurant frequenters in conditioned situations for a prolonged period of time. Research may include behavior, food choice, design and layout, influence of lighting, presentation, traffic flow, taste, packaging, preparation, and countless other aspects involving out of home eating and drinking. As one of the ‘founding fathers’, Noldus equipped the restaurant with the latest computer and video technologies, including The Observer XT for visualization and analysis of consumer behavior. We also performed the complete on-site installation, and trained the researchers to conduct the consumer behavior research. This research facility is also available for contract research. Read more on page 65.

BAE systems

Noldus provides key software solutions to BAE Systems, a premier global defense and aerospace company, assisting in the development of the next generation ground combat and transport vehicles. BAE Systems constructed a simulator to study interactions between the driver, gunner, and commander in various conditions. Other defense contractors in this program include General Dynamics Land Systems, Boeing, and SAIC.

Noldus has developed a special vehicle performance data recorder (UDP Reader) for BAE Systems. Using The Observer XT and the UDP Reader, BAE Systems studies the vehicle performance in sync with various communications. This measurement and analysis set-up configured for BAE Systems represents one of the first applications in crew performance analysis and after-action review in training simulators.

CSI lab

Noldus has helped to develop the CSI Lab in The Hague. The software package The Observer XT serves as the central data integration software. A variety of data such as video streams, information  from movement sensors, physiological data and more can easily be combined. This lab provides a secure environment for training and simulation. New applications can be tested; different scenarios can be simulated. In a product development stage it is vital to know how users handle your newest technology. For example, after a training session the test leader evaluates the responses with the trainee and uses a video clip to provide valuable feedback. The Observer XT allows the test leader to select specific events. When did the trainee take action? What steps did the trainee follow? Were items found and were they handled with care? By analyzing verbal and nonverbal communication or tasks and responses, behavior can be analyzed. The Observer XT supports the entire workflow of a research project.

Game labs

The iMinds game experience lab in Ghent, Belgium and the Hohenheim GameLab in Stuttgart, Germany were built by Noldus to facilitate research into user experience with video games in different stages of their development cycle. The IBBT game experience lab is used to study and evaluate various aspects of the user-game interaction and serves as a playground for exploring and developing new methods for measuring user experiences in a non-obtrusive manner. The different setups in the Hohenheim GameLab makes it possible to study different forms of single- and multiplayer gaming (co-located, online, local network). Noldus equipped the lab with state-of-the-art hardware and Media Recorder, FaceReader™, and The Observer XT software.

Boeing's Embedded Measures lab

Boeing and Noldus Information Technology embarked together on a venture to go where no-one has gone before: a mobile human factors lab of unprecedented capabilities. The Embedded Measures lab (EM lab) is used for measurements of situational awareness and fatigue, along with prototype testing. Read more…