Event logging keyboards

Are you looking for tools that will make coding more efficient and help prevent coding errors? We offer an entire range of keyboards to make observing and logging of behaviors and positioning and controlling of videos much easier. Select the keyboard that suits your needs best and discover how it enables you to score more accurately and effectively.

These keyboards are part of our integrated solutions for observational research. We can take care of installation of the complete solution and assist you in programming the keyboards in order to achieve the best performance for your application.

  • Coding becomes easier and more accurate.
  • Reduction of coding errors by limiting faulty key presses.
  • Customizable keyboard to your preferences.
  • Usable keyboard for both coding and video analysis.



  • The keyboards are multifunctional: you can use them as a replacement or in combination with your standard keyboard.
  • Special programming options allow you to set your keys for single or multiple keystrokes, such as code subjects, behaviors, and modifier combinations with one key press. 
  • The ‘press and hold down’ functionality enables you to log the duration of behavior: just keep the key pressed as long as the behavior occurs and the start and stop entries in the event log will be added accordingly.
  • Control keys permit you to automatically perform software functions such as rewinding videos, starting observations, or changing play speed. 
  • Color or text labels make all your keys unique. The use of different colors can be used to distinguish between different behavioral classes. 
  • Keypads are available with 3 to 46 keys.
  • Unlimited storage, importing, and exporting of programmed key sets gives you the opportunity to use  one key set on multiple keypads or multiple sets on one keypad successively.

46-keys keyboard with jog/shuttle function

In addition to the features mentioned above, the 46-key keyboard also includes a jog/shuttle dial (14-step shuttle, 2-step jog). This is ideal for controlling and positioning videos. Turning the dial clockwise initiates the video to play and turning the dial further speeds up the video. Releasing the dial pauses the video and turning it counter-clockwise initiates playing the video in reverse.

Video control keyboard

 This ergonomically designed unit can be used in combination with your normal keyboard, allowing you to use one keyboard for scoring and one keyboard for video control. Besides the jog/shuttle (14-step shuttle and 2-step jog), this unit has fifteen programmable keys. This keyboard is easy to program, though only allows programming of single keypresses.

3-key USB foot pedal

Let your feet control the video while scoring with your hands: the three foot pedals can be programmed for video control functions such as play, stop, or pause. Two buttons are located on each side while the third can be activated by pressing the center of the footrest. With this tool you will be able to fully concentrate on scoring and let your feet do the rest!