Technology for Automated Observation (TAO)

The TAO (Technology for Automated Observation) project was funded by the Dutch government under their MIT scheme for simulating innovation in small and medium enterprises.

The project was led by Noldus Innovation Technology and the other partners are Metris and TeleMetronics Biomedical. In the project new technologies have been developed to automatically recognise behaviors in experimental animals with Noldus' EthoVision software, Metris' Sonotrack software and TeleMetronics TemPlant2 hardware. The ultimate aim of the project was to integrate these systems, to enable more powerful recognition of behaviors than would be possible with the individual systems alone.

 TAO Project


The project was succesful in its aims of creating and validating integrated systems for automatically measuring animal behavior. EthoVision has been expanded to include a module for automatic recognition of 10 mouse behaviors. An integration of EthoVision and Sonotrack has been developed and independantly validated by Transpharmation. TemPlant2 has been further developed and validated in a study detecting estrus in pigs with the HAS University of Applied Sciences  - you can read a report of that project here.

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