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This project will generate a platform of rapid and reliable preclinical screening tools for zebrafish to accelerate the development of new drugs and reduce pharmaceutical industry costs as well as enhacing animal welfare.  The project is funded by NC3Rs which is a UK government agency that funds research into methods that reduce, refine and replace the use of animals in reserach. This project will contribute towards those aims by helping develop the use of fish embryos for disease and toxicity models as a replacement for adult mice and rats.

Crack IT


  • The project is led by ZeClinics, which is a small company specialializing in the use of zebrafish for drug discovery.
  • Pivot Park screening centre will transfer the manual readout of zebrafish toxicity to an automated platform.
  • Noldus Information technology contributes with DanioVision, which is the market leader and state-of-the-art system for screening and behavioral readouts in zebrafish and DanioScope, which non-invasively measures activity, heartbeat, flow, and morphology in zebrafish larvae.


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