E-MOSION aims to enable integral outdoor and indoor localization and mobility services for elderly people with age-related sensory (visual, auditory) and cognitive (memory) impairments that help them in their daily routine activities outside the home. Special attention is given to key activities for their autonomous living (e.g. shopping or banking) and with a particular societal benefit (e.g. accompanying grandchildren).

The solution developed in the project is a mobile application that supports  the user in his or her mobility and navigation, indoors as well out doors. It takes into account the possibilities for transport, the health of the user and external circumstances like weather conditions. Besides navigation the application also provides an emergency button for fast and easy contact with the right person. The solution works on a smart phone.

Noldus' contribution

Noldus is involved in all work packages of the E-MOSION project. The focus is on development of system components and applications, in particular on-the-move and in-the-store applications, and the leadership of the Market segmentation and business models, dissemination work package.

Noldus’ main contributions are to:

  • develop software for outdoor tracking (GPS) on a mobile device.
  • develop software for real-time analysis of movement, detection of spatial events and recognition of persons’ behaviour
  • develop a generic real-time multimodal user state estimation and feedback platform
  • use our experience in multi-modal signal integration to develop and provide software tools for measurement and analysis of behaviour, user-system interaction, usability and user experience. These tools will be used for the collection of “ground truth”, needed for the development and validation of automated behaviour recognition algorithms, and for usability evaluation of software components and integrated solutions.


E-Mosion is an EU AAL project led by Integrasys (Spain). The following partners form the comsortium:

More information

Please visit  http://emosion-project.eu/ for more information or contact us.  If you think Noldus might be a good partner for your consortium, please see here.