GUARANTEE provides a technical solution for personal safety in the home environment. GUARANTEE introduces local and network-supported decision making for safety applications on the basis of sensor input and with immediate response and feedback to the people concerned.

In this project a competent consortium works together, originating from several European countries. Noldus' main contributions will be in work package 2 (WP2) and work package 3 (WP3), developing software for automated behaviour recognition, movement analysis, and multimodal measurement and control.

  • WP2 develops the sensor systems that detect safety events in home safety solutions. Safety events relate to human behavior or to the condition of people and their environment.
  • WP3 provides the engine of home safety systems, the decision support engine. The decision support engine builds an understanding of the safety situation on the basis of sensor inputs, and issues recommendations for preventative or responsive actions. The decision support engine embeds models of context and of human behaviour, and enhances these models with actual safety events as detected by the sensor systems.

Participation in the project will allow Noldus to gain knowledge about the home safety and security domain. Please visit for more information.