NeuroBasic PharmaPhenomics

NeuroBasic PharmaPhenomics is a research consortium with several academic and commercial partners that builds on the successes of Neuro-Bsik. It aims to develop new drug discovery strategies in both neurology and psychiatry. They use a novel approach; improving early stage drug development with so called pharma-phenomics, well-characterized genetic animal models and response classification systems. In this consortium new products will be developed and commercialized, such as new releases of CatWalk XT and EthoVision XT. The project is funded by the Dutch science ministry and VU Amsterdam.

The final meeting of this consortium was held in January 2016. Kennislink published an overview of the research projects on their website:


The following partners cooperate in this project:

  • Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience
  • Erasmus MC
  • Griffin Discoveries
  • Noldus Information Technology
  • Psynova neurotech
  • Sylics
  • UMC Utrecht
  • Neurasmus
  • Vrije Universitiet Amsterdam
  • Wageningen UR
  • CNCR

More information

You can read more about this project in this news item or this leaflet. For more information please contact us. If you think Noldus might be a good partner for your consortium, please see here.