Automatic Footprint Classification

Since the release of CatWalk XT 8.1 Noldus offers the Automatic Footprint Classification Module. What does it do? Well, the name says it all; at just the push of a button all the footprints in a run are automatically classified. If signals appear that are not consistent with a footprint, CatWalk XT automatically highlights this signal so that it can be labeled manually. Extensive beta testing shows that CatWalk XT's Automatic Footprint Classification can save you an estimated 70% of the time you usually spend on footprint classification, and thereby approximately half of the time needed to perform an experiment with CatWalk XT. An investment well worth the money!

"The automatic classification worked very nicely in a range of different animal models. The paw detection was very reliable. Almost all cases with some faulty paw detection occurred in connection with dirt on the walkway. The Print and Timing view enabled to spot those problematic run sections with ease and allowed a manual correction. About 90% of runs needed no correction at all. It's real fun now for the experimenter to do the classification!"

(Sanofi-Aventis, Frankfurt)