Easy to use

EthoVision XT is so much more than video tracking software. It is truly designed to help you out in all stages of your experiment. Over the years, several features were introduced to make your work easier. 


Of course you can start each EthoVision XT project from scratch, but in most cases it is easier to follow a few steps to indicate which animal species you are studying, how many, what kind of test (open field, plus maze, etc.) you are performing, and how many arenas you want to track in simultaneously. Then EthoVision XT automatically sets up all the basics for you; for example, arena settings are predefined but adjustable for each template. Easy to work with, and it will save you a lot of time. 

When you are working on an experiment, and you know you will be using the same set-up again, you can save the experiment as a template for future use. 

Choose your animal and which features to track...
...and the set-up you will be using. Then EthoVision XT provides you with the settings to get your experiment up and running quickly.

Some help along the way

EthoVision XT comes with extensive user documentation; a searchable PDF is included on the installation drive. But sometimes a video is more helpful. The EthoVision XT software includes mini-video tutorials to elaborate on different functionality, and to help you choose the settings you need.

Personalize your working area

Using the experiment explorer, it is easy to navigate the different phases of the experiment represented in the program: setup, acquisition, and analysis. Depending on your selection in the experiment explorer, the ‘working area’ on your screens changes. This area contains several windows, which you can arrange yourself. Show certain windows, hide others, or move them around. You can easily undock, reposition, and dock them again, and place the windows exactly where you want them to be. This way you can personalize your working area to what feels practical to you. 

A working area fitted to your preferences can make your experiments go more smoothly.

Series of trials from a live video feed

With EthoVision XT, you can acquire a series of trials automatically. After you have defined the trial list and the inter-trial interval, EthoVision XT will take care of the rest. Read more here.

Group statistics and charts

Gathering data and compare different treatment groups – essential parts of most studies. With EthoVision XT this is easy to do. Let’s say your experiment consists of two phases: training and testing. You are also testing two different doses of a drug and, of course, a control group. In total, that means you have six groups that you might want to compare. Because data is presented in both graphs and tables, this is easy to do. 

Within these data, you can select parts of your data, use time bins, or look at the results per zone. For example: compare the distance moved and average velocity between a treated and a control group, but only for the time they spent in the inner zone of an open field. Or compare behavior only during light transition phases in long term home cage studies.   

You can organize these graphs as you wish and adjust the design: you might want to compare treatment groups side by side or maybe you are interested in differences within treatment groups between training and testing. Resulting graphs can be exported in all standard formats (PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF).


Adjusted workflow with DanioVision 

DanioVision is powered by EthoVision XT, and at the start of your experiment you can choose to set EthoVision XT to the DanioVision experiment mode. Parts of the program are now adjusted and optimized for use with DanioVision. 

The experiment setup it made simpler by removing all options that are redundant for DanioVision experiments. Arena settings are optimized for well-plates (wells are automatically detected in 6, 12, 24, 48, and 96 well plates) and there is a dedicated subject-detection method for studies done with 96-well plates, automatically detecting each animal.

What you can use in your publications

Publishing and presenting your work may be an important part of your job. A visual image often explains your findings so much better than words. That is why you can export both heatmaps and track images at high resolution from EthoVision XT and easily create videos (screen recordings) of the integrated visualization of your results. Read more about it here.