16 reasons why you should use EthoVision XT in your lab

Maybe you are weighing your options, or your lab manager needs some convincing? Here are 16 reasons why others are using EthoVision XT. 

Customer testimonial

“Practical and user friendly software for behavior tracking, widely recommended.”

Dr. A. Agoitia | National University of Mexico

  1. A great track record: 25 years of experiences and evolution, used at more than 2,000 sites worldwide, and validated in thousands of publications in renowned journals. 
  2. It is a versatile and scalable solution: at the core of your lab, EthoVision XT can be used for basically any behavioral test, with any animal. 
  3. The program is set up in a clear and intuitive manner: easy to use for both first time and experienced users.
  4. EthoVision XT helps you along the way, with templates, built-in video tutorials, and a searchable user manual. 
  5. Superior detection methods and automatic detection settings get you the best tracking results, fast. It works well under both normal and IR lighting conditions.
  6. You can track live or from video. EthoVision XT can handle large video files. You can also record files, while tracking live.
  7. Diverse video input options: EthoVision XT works with a large range of cameras, including analog, USB, and GigE.  You can track one or more animals from multiple camera inputs simultaneously.
  8. High-throughput and high-content: up to a hundred arenas and up to 16 animals per arena can be tracked simultaneously. 
  9. Detailed arena definition: you can define up to 10,000 zones in an arena, combine them into cumulative zones, indicate hidden zones, etc. 
  10. With powerful analysis tools, you get reliable results, presented in a way that’s easily incorporated into your papers. 
  11. The amount of parameters available for analysis is substantial. Some examples: trial duration, in zone, distance to zone, distance, to zone border, distance moved, velocity, heading, turn angle, angular velocity, mobility, proximity, rotation, elongation, and more.
  12. In addition to video tracking the animal, EthoVision XT also detects activity: changes at pixel-level from one frame to the next. 
  13. Batch acquisition and analysis make things move along smoothly when you are running a large battery of tests. Let EthoVision XT work for you overnight!
  14. Free analysis on an unlimited number of computers: the license key is only necessary for data acquisition. 
  15. EthoVision XT is available as software only, or in a complete package deal including mazes and other equipment. 
  16. Free technical support worldwide and 24/7. 

Customer testimonial

“Highly recommend EthoVision - while there are a lot of freeware versions of tracking software out there, they all take a very long time for data acquisition  - EthoVision is much faster and therefore definitely worth the cost.”

Dr. S. Johnson | University of Otago