Trial & Hardware Control in zebrafish studies

Zebrafish are increasingly used in research for, for example, drug development. If you combine EthoVision XT with our DanioVision Observation Chamber you can track up to 96 individual larvae simultaneously. With the Trial & Hardware Control Module, you can control the light in the DanioVision automatically, to induce certain behaviors in the larvae. But you can also control hardware to apply a sound or visual cue when you track adult fish in an aquarium.

DanioVision has a white light stimulus built-in, which can be programmed and controlled with EthoVision XT Trial & Hardware Control. You can mimic daylight cycles or evoke a startle response with a sudden light flash. 
daniovision tapping device
The Tapping Device causes a tapping/vibration stimulus at the bottom of the basin to evoke a startle response. In addition, there are options to build in other stimuli, which can be TTL connected and controlled with EthoVision XT. 

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