Trial & Hardware Control in Operant conditioning

EthoVision XT’s Trial & Hardware Control Module is extremely powerful to automate operant learning experiments. Do you want to give a food reward when your rat presses a lever? Do you want to switch on a light when the Mouse Feeding Monitor records a certain consumption? Or do you want to switch on a brake of the Activity Wheel after a number of rotations? With the Trial & Hardware Control Module, this can all be done automatically!


When you extend your EthoVision XT setup with the Multiple Body Points Module, you can include the orientation of your animal in your learning experiments. This way you ensure, for example, that the mouse has pressed the lever with its nose, instead of accidentally touching it with its tail.


We offer a large number of operant modules for your learning experiments. There are devices to apply an air puff, to give a food or drinking reward, or a visual or sound cue. The devices can all be controlled with EthoVision XT’s Trial & Hardware Control Module and can be connected to the PhenoTyper. Simply slide the module in the slot and hook up the wires. Operant conditioning experiments have never been so easy.