Activity Wheel

The Activity Wheel can be connected to the PhenoTyper basic or home cage for rats. Combined with EthoVision XT and the Trial & Hardware Control Module, it measures the number of rotations, which indicates the activity of the rat in the wheel. The Activity Wheel can be linked to EthoVision XT with a USB-IO box. It is located on the outside of the PhenoTyper cage with a guillotine door in between, which can be opened and closed manually. The wheel has an electronic brake with nine resistance levels.

The rotations of the Activity Wheel are measured by means of a magnet and a magnetic sensor. The PhenoCounter module counts the number of rotations (four counts per revolution) and sends this information to the video tracking and analysis software EthoVision XT. In addition to this, you can use EthoVision XT to measure the amount of time spent in the Activity Wheel. The data from the counter module can also be used as conditions in test protocols that are executed by EthoVision XT's Trial & Hardware Control Module, for example, switching the brake on or off. The Activity Wheel has an LCD counter display. 


Technical Specifications


Activity Wheel: 35.8 cm diameter (14.0")

Walking surface: stainless steel grid rods, 0.1875" (4.8 mm) with 1.6 cm (0.625") spacing

Counter module: 0.80 x 0.45 x 0.21 cm (0.32" x 0.18" x 0.08"); four counts per revolution

Door opening: 7.2 cm W x 10.2 cm H (2.83" x 4.0")

Activity Wheel: Stainless steel wheel in white polypropylene base.

Mounting: White polypropylene

Guillotine door: Stainless steel
Power supply counter module  12-24 V DC
Power supply brake control 28 V DC

To USB-IO box: RJ45 8 pin modular

To magnetic sensor: Molex MiniFit jr. 2 pin

PhenoCounter: SDI

Brake control: TTL