PhenoTyper and operant conditioning

PhenoTyper is extremely suitable to carry out your operant conditioning experiments automatically. Do you want to switch on a light when your mouse enters a zone? Do you want to give a food reward when your rat presses a lever? Do you want to give a light cue when a feeding monitor has registered a certain consumption? Or do you want to switch on a brake of the Activity wheel after a number of rotations? With EthoVision XT and the Trial & Hardware Control Module this can all be done automatically in the PhenoTyper. The Trial & Hardware Control Module lets you control external equipment from within EthoVision XT and define certain protocols. 

When you extend your EthoVision XT setup with the Multiple Body Points Module, you can include the orientation of your animal in your learning experiments. This way you ensure, for example, that the mouse has pressed the lever with its nose, instead of accidently touching it with its tail. When you also have the Social Interaction Module you can apply a stimulus when your animal approaches another one, or when they show cooperative behavior.

There are a large number of operant modules that can be connected to the PhenoTyper cage, for example to automatically apply an air puff or give a food reward. Simply slide the module in the slot and hook up the wires. You can also connect other TTL-based hardware to the PhenoTyper, to adjust the setup entirely to your needs. Operant conditioning experiments have never been so easy and reliable. Read more about related research and development: stimulus and response devices.