Coder Licenses

Work together on a research project, with our cost-effective coding solution. The coding work may be more than one person can manage. Therefore, it can be rewarding to set up a team to work together on a research project. Several observers code at the same time using The Observer XT Coder Licenses.

Scoring behaviors in a project can be a lot of work, and therefore quite daunting. Not surprisingly, many researchers work in a group, dividing the work amongst them. Setting up a team with multiple computers also requires multiple software licenses if you want to work simultaneously. Here is where the Coder Licenses come in handy: a cost effective solution to this problem.

Coder licenses allow coding and visualization. After all behaviors are coded, you can collect the observations in your main project with a full license and perform data selection, visualization, and analysis.

The Observer XT Coder Licenses: A cost effective coding solution!

  • Work together on a research project.
  • Save time, resources and cost. 
  • Score behavior live on the spot. 
  • Use the read-only project to score pre-recorded video. 
  • Stay in control of the collected data.

Software for educational purposes

Another way to use the Coder Licenses is for educational purposes. Little effort is needed to divide the coding work amongst students. The study supervisor can build a master project using a full license. Coding schemes and observations can then be exchanged between projects and workstations. Students can obtain copies and use Coder Licenses to code behavior. After the students have completed their observations, the supervisor can import all data back into the master project for joint analysis.

Coder Licenses allow students to work more independently. Students can install the software on their own computers and start working with it immediately. A major benefit of this is that it enables students to receive hands-on experience in coding behaviors, under controlled conditions and within the time constraints under which most courses operate.