Gathering data

The Observer XT allows you to collect meaningful data. Code behaviors accurately, record one or multiple videos, integrate data modalities, and explore your results.

Code behaviors accurately

The Observer XT is designed to reduce the amount of work and simplify behavioral coding. You can record subjects, behaviors, and modifiers by typing shortcut key codes, allowing you to keep your eyes on the scene, while coding at great speed. Or just click the behaviors with your computer mouse. The time of each code is recorded automatically and errors are prevented by an on-line check. Up to 1024 characters per event can be used to comment on behaviors or write down notes. Text is presented in the event log and in a separate window.

Mobile and Multi-user solutions

Next to coding with The Observer XT, it is also possible to code on-the-go or work together on a research project.

  • Code on-the-go using Pocket Observer. It combines the power of The Observer XT with the portability of a handheld computer, Android phone or tablet.
  • Coder Licenses will allow you to work together efficiently on a research project. They limit the use of The Observer XT to coding and visualization only. 

Work with video and audio

The use of video adds great flexibility to behavioral studies. It allows you to make detailed observations and frame accurate descriptions of fast moving phenomena. Audio signals are visualized providing another great visual aid when observing behavior.

You can easily position the video, play it back at different speeds, play it frame by frame, and play multiple videos at the same time. All data play in sync: when moving through the data, the video and audio follow and vice versa. You can set a loop in the video (or audio) file to score a certain episode indetail, or use the quick review button take a small step back in the video. After the observation, you can easily create a video highlights clip by using the improved episode selection.

With The Observer XT, you can combine data from different sources in your observation. The Observer XT is compatible with the MediaRecorder. This software tool combines different video and audio signals from a wide range of different cameras and microphones. The video files can be stored separately, or combined into one video stream. Of course the audio can be recorded in sync with the video. It is a perfect addition to your The Observer XT solution.

Integrate data modalities

In The Observer XT behavior and physiological responses can be studied together. Files from data acquisition systems can be imported and then visualized along with the video, revealing the animal’s inner world. Detailed analysis has become available in the latest release. Synchronization is guaranteed by a continuous sync signal sent from The Observer XT, making the system immune to clock differences, drift, and missing samples. Sections of the physiological data correlating with interesting behaviors can be exported for further analysis.

Location tracking

TrackLab will aid you in the complete process of your work on spatial behavior. It is perfectly integrated with The Observer XT. TrackLab lets you import the collected tracking data in real-time or offline. The collected data can be visualized, processed and analyzed. Furthermore, you can create interactive systems that respond in real-time to the location or spatial behavior of subjects being tracked.

Learn more about TrackLab and The Observer XT in animal husbandry.

Explore your results

If you want to find a specific comment quickly, you can use the advanced find functionality. You can search through all or part of your observations to find:

  • comments
  • subjects
  • behaviors
  • modifiers

The software provides you with a list of all the events that meet your criteria. This list contains start times, stop times, and durations of each event. You can click on the result and be brought to the right observation, or export the list of results to a spreadsheet program of your choice.