Our locations

Our international headquarters is located in Wageningen, The Netherlands, hometown of Wageningen University, Food Valley NL, and numerous other research institutes famous for their expertise in life sciences, food, nutrition, and health. The Netherlands is a leader in the agro-food sector of research. For example, Food Valley is at the heart of food research, and combines knowledge and entrepreneurship to cultivate a fertile environment for innovation. Thus our location places us amidst leading experts in neuroscience, farm animal behavior and welfare, insect behavior and ecology, human nutrition and consumer behavior, and nature conservation.

Our office building, a 5.500 m2 plot in the Wageningen Science Park, is a three-storey building with 2.000 m2 (21 .500 sq ft) of floor space offerings superb facilities for employees and customers alike. State-of-the-art electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, usability labs, and test facilities enable us to further professionalize our product development. We offer our customers the opportunity to set up their tests in high-tech usability lab. As a customer, supplier, or development partner, you will enjoy our new demonstration facilities and modern seminar, training, and meeting rooms.

North America, Europe, and Asia

In 1996, we opened our first foreign subsidiary in Virginia, United States, which was followed by our branch offices in North Carolina, Massachusetts, and Washington. Recently, Toronto, Canada was added to the list of branch offices.

In Europe our international expansion started in Germany, followed by offices in France, Spain, and Hungary. In 2009 we opened our first Asian office in Beijing, China.