Our corporate values

Our customers

The customer comes first! In an increasingly automated world, we cherish having personal relationships with our customers. We recognize that every study is unique as are the research requirements. With 30 years of experience, we translate research questions into practical and proven solutions. Personalized, expert customer service is where we excel, and user-centered design is the essence of the way we work.

Our people

We employ a fantastic team. Working together, across oceans, we create a pleasant and challenging work environment in which each person can reach his or her maximum potential.


We believe in creating products manufactured to high-quality standards. By involving our customers, suppliers, and employees in a continuous improvement process, we are able to design best-in-class products. 


As the technology partner in many leading research projects, we contribute to scientific progress and together with researchers around the world we develop and validate relevant new technologies. With profound technical knowledge and understanding of the scientific domains, we confidently offer the best possible solutions for scientific research and practical applications.


Creativity is our lifeline. We encourage each other to develop new ideas and think outside the box. This leads to unique products and services that scientists and practitioners can use to fit real-life research needs.

Integrity and reliability

We keep our word and we expect the same from all our employees and partners. Our communication is honest and transparent. Promise is debt. We take responsibility in supplying customer-specific solutions and build business relations upon a basis of mutual trust and respect.


We create products with a high value to society. Our customers use our solutions to find new drugs to cure diseases, support medical diagnosis and therapies, improve educational systems, enhance animal welfare, create safer work environments, for example. Click here to read more about our view on ethics and animal testing.


Our processes are organized in such a way that they maximize the reuse of materials and minimize waste. We strive to carry out all our operations in an ecologically sustainable manner. Read more...