CatWalkTM XT

CatWalk XT is a complete gait analysis system for quantitative assessment of footfalls and motor performance in rats and mice.

Why use it?

  • Easy to use and maintain, plug and play solution
  • Accurate and objective data
  • Quantification of footprints and gait in unforced moving animals
  • Illuminated Footprints: detection of real footprints and body weight distribution
  • High-throughput research
  • Validated in peer-reviewed research

CatWalk walkway

How does it work?

CatWalk XT is a highly sensitive tool to assess gait and locomotion. The rat or mouse traverses a glass plate voluntarily (towards a goal box), and its footprints are captured. CatWalk XT visualizes the prints and calculates statistics related to print dimensions and the time and distance relationships between footfalls. 

CatWalk footprints

Who uses it?

CatWalk XT gait analysis has been validated in research and experimental procedures for several (neurological) disorders and lesions. Examples include spinal cord injury and other nerve injuries, neuropathic pain, arthritis, stroke, Parkinson’s, Cerebellar ataxia, traumatic brain injury,  peripheral nerve damage, and more. 

Customer testimonial

“Our lab has been using CatWalk XT since 2015, and we have found that it is an invaluable tool for our research and provides a reliable and detailed analysis of gait and how it varies in our disease models. ”

Pediatric Storage Disorders Laboratory (PSDL) | Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO, USA