N-Linx for data integration

N-Linx is a software library for communication between applications and systems, developed to meet your need for standard communication between system components. It has been developed within research projects such as NeuroBsik, PRONTO, Guarantee, Fovea, WPSS and ADVICE.

Our main driver to develop N-Linx was to have a flexible and scalable platform for communication between systems written in different programming languages and running on remote machines. In addition, we wanted to support the standardization in terms of how and what to communicate.

N-Linx is the new standard protocol for integrating systems for behavioral research. The main benefits are:

  • Enables easy integration with Noldus systems
  • Flexible and scalable, for example for measurements at multiple locations
  • Robust
  • Fast
  • Supports multiple platforms (Windows, Android)

At this moment a series of Noldus products including The Observer XT, are compatible with N-Linx and more will follow. So are tools from other suppliers, including tracking systems and data acquisition systems. If you would like to link your tool using N-Linx, contact us today!