PhenoTyper is an instrumented observation cage to measure and test the behavior of laboratory rodents.

Why use it?

  • Full integration of test environment and video equipment
  • Adaptable to fit your research aims
  • Work with hardware and your animals’ behavior (e.g. operant conditioning)
  • Available in optogenetics set-up
  • Automatic testing, even for several days

Home cages

How does it work?

PhenoTyper is an instrumented cage, available in a basic or home cage version. Every PhenoTyper is equipped with a top unit, including LED units and a camera, and optionally with other sensor and stimuli devices such as sound generators, operant conditioners, and optogenetic stimulus devices. Ideal for long-term studies.

optogenetics setup

Who uses it

We are celebrating that more than a thousand PhenoTypers are part of research in labs worldwide! The thousandth PhenoTyper found it's home at the Jackson Lab in Bar Harbor, ME, USA in the Mouse Neurobehavioral Phenotyping Facility. PhenoTyper is also a part of consortia such as NeuroBasic PharmaPhenomics.

home cage setup