Track3D 2.0 features and specifications


  • The calibration software analyzes a picture of the test chamber provided with markers to reconstruct the X, Y and Z coordinates from the raw data

Video tracking

  • Highly accurate detection and tracking of small animals, with high spatial and temporal resolution
  • Note: error-free detection requires sufficient contrast between animal and background, e.g. by using a wind tunnel of IR-absorbing material to avoid reflection of light

Track visualization

  • Zoom in and out of the 3D trajectory
  • Visualize the odor plume (relevant for wind tunnel studies)
  • Plot the data points in different colors depending on where the animal is relative to the odor plume
  • Rotate the image around the X, Y or Z axis to change the view point
  • Save the 3D plot to a graphics file for inclusion in manuscripts, reports or presentations
  • Create a video of the animated 3D track

Track analysis

  • 2D analysis: use EthoVision XT analysis functions to analyze the track projected on a 2D plane
  • 3D analysis: use Track3D to calculate movement parameters in three dimensions
  • Export the analysis results of Track3D in Excel format
  • Export the 3D track chart to a picture format (JPG, PNG, BMP)
  • Define 3D zones (cylinder, cuboid) and filter data points in relation to the position of the animal in these zones


  • Compatible with Media Recorder 2.0 and EthoVision XT 8.5
  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • Video image analysis rate: up to 25 images/s (PAL) or 30 images/s (NTSC)
  • Video resolution: when using Media Recorder, maximum video resolution is 704x576 (PAL) or 704x480 (NTSC). However, EthoVision XT and Track3D support video files of larger frame size.
  • Smallest subject: the tracked animal can be detected as long as it is at least 1/200 of the camera view
  • Calibration accuracy: 0.5% of the dimensions of the tracking area